Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche Festival

The We Are Here Cooperative has been invited to participate in Nuit Blanche, an overnight cultural festival that takes place in the heart of Europe: Brussels. On the night of 1 October different artists and culture makers will take over the European quarter with visual art, performances and debate. The edition of 2016 will focus on ‘ Borders ‘, borders, a current issue that is appropriate to Nuit Blanche: barriers between people, cultures and disciplines, and people through art together in the stand where international initiatives get a stage for contemporary artistic creation.

The We Are Here Cooperative will provide a political video installation in which poetry and image will be fused into a new whole. The starting point for the installation is the famous ‘speech of the fear’ of the Belgian former Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak. The cooperative wants to use the speech as a sounding board to reflect on the Europe of today and the role that fear plays in it.

Nuit Blanche
EU Quarter
01-10-16 / 19:00 – 03:00