We Are Here Cooperative


The We Are Here Cooperative creates possibilities for production. It serves as a platform where refugees in limbo and professional cultural producers can develop and produce cultural projects and productions in close cooperation.

The We Are Here Cooperative facilitates collaborations between artists, designers, academics, and refugees in limbo that utilize the cultural rights that refugees in limbo possess. Even though refugees in limbo hold an almost rightless position in the Netherlands, they do have the right to express themselves through protest and art. By giving them the opportunity to express themselves we strengthen the ‘We Are Here’ protest, but we also create possibilities for learning and personal growth, while at the same time transforming the cultural institutions that provide a stage for the Cooperative from the inside out.

Several projects have already been realized under the banner of We Are Here Cooperative, including: Escape Tours (2014), Labyrinth (2015) and We Are Here Cooking (2015)

In 2015 and 2016, the Cooperative will focus on the realization of We Are Here Occupying the Border (2016), a three-day international forum that will take place at the tri-point in Vaals (NL) in June 2016.

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