Here to Support’s organizational structure consists of a board and coordinator. Each project has a designated project group in charge of the content and execution of the project.

The coordinator decides on the course and orientation of the platform. She manages the projects and reports to the board during meetings. The coordinator is responsible for expanding and maintaining the network, developing concept proposals and fundraising. She develops projects and presents these to the board. The board members have an advisory and supportive role in these activities.

Savannah Koolen


The board is responsible for assessing if proposed projects and reported information about ongoing projects are in line with Here to Support’s long term goals. The board holds final responsibility for the platform’s course and orientation, and its financial management.

Chairman: Suzan Doodeman
Treasurer: Gerrit Duits
Secretary: Malou Lintmeijer
HR manager: Ernst van den Hemel


Here to Support’ has an office at
Joan Muyskensweg 32, 1114 AN, Amsterdam – Duivendrecht

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