We Are Here Academy Bootcamp

Refugees are being talked about in the media continuously, but we seldom get to hear their own stories. This has to change. Refugees need to have their own, independent space where they can share their own stories and effectively counter the images that exist of refugees in Europe: an independent Media Platform for refugee collectives throughout Europe.

To be able to lead this media platform and take media into their own hands, the refugees of the We Are Here collective have been trained for five months. Under the guidance of independent teachers and experts they have been following workshops on video production, photography and independent journalism.

To conclude the first series of workshops of the We Are Here Academy, an interactive bootcamp has been organized. From the 18th until the 22nd of April, different refugee collectives from Europe are invited to share their acquired knowledge and skills. The boot camp is being led by Massimiliano Sefregola. Larry MaCauley of Refugee Radio Network from Hamburg will host a masterclass and Femke Kaulingfreks and Alessandro Felici will provide the collectives with two workshops.

After the summer of 2016, the second trimester of the Academy will start. During this trimester the acquired skills will be deepened, to make sure the refugees have a firm basis of journalistic skills. This second trimester will also be concluded with a bootcamp where the several collectives come together.