Start Crowdfunding campaign We Are Here Media Team

We started our new crowdfunding campaign on the 1% club page. The We Are Here media team will try raise as much money as possible for their needed cameras and equipment.

The past year the We Are Here Academy organized workshop to help us, the We Are Here media team to become professional journalists.  We are now working on our first pieces and it is our intent to make professional imagery to go with that. Now we use the cameras on our phones and that does not provide the professional quality we wish to give forth. That is why we need photo cameras and video camera’s.
Help us get the right equipment!

As independent journalists, photographers and writers to be, we aim to increase our visibility and to create awareness by telling our story and our message. The team is working on the past, the present and the future of refugees in limbo, who can’t get a residence permit but also can’t get evicted. Our content focuses on personal stories that don’t get the attention of mainstream media outlets. The We Are Here media team works as a platform for civilian journalism and is located in the Vluchtmaat in Amsterdam.

Please feel free to donate till March 10!