Nacht van de Rechtstaat

Nacht vd Rechtsstaat_16

A few weeks ago, a small group of students from the We Are Here Academy and Coco Duivenvoorde formed a reading group. In their weekly sessions they collect and read stories, poems and other texts that inspire them, and use those to write their own powerful texts. The reading group sets out to explore the role of language in protest. For example, how can poetry represent and strengthen the We Are Here protest?

On Friday November 27 We Are Here will be present at the fifth edition of the ‘Nacht van de Rechtsstaat’. The theme of this evening is exclusion from the constitutional state. We Are Here will give five performances based on the stories and poetry they wrote during their reading group.

Order your ticket for ‘Nacht van de Rechtstaat’ here.

Please note that except for We Are Here’s poetic performances this program will be in Dutch.