First seminars We Are Here Media Academy


For the upcoming six months the We Are Here Academy is all about media. All courses will focus on developing different journalistic skills, and establish an independent media platform. The kick-off of the We Are Here Media Academy already took place in November 2015, with a seminar about presentation and representation in media by dr. Dubravka Zarkov of the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

On Friday January 15, the second seminar of the We Are Here Media Academy took place. During this seminar journalist Massimiliano Sfregola explained what the Dutch media landscape looks like, how it works, and how journalists produce news. They also had a brainstorm session about starting up an independent We Are Here news platform. What is needed for such a start-up? And what should be the goal and purpose of a news platform? This knowledge serves as a starting point for the upcoming courses about interviewing techniques, photo and video journalism, argumentation, and how to be a spokesperson.

All courses of the We Are Here Media Academy work towards the creation of a news channel that we hope to launch in May 2016. We hope that the content of this independent media channel will be created and posted by a media team consisting of members of different refugee collectives in Europe. The aim of the media channel is to introduce a new vocabulary and imagery around issues related to refugee struggles: one that is free from political prejudices and stereotypes.