First meeting international refugee collectives


Photos Katarína Galisinová

Last weekend we had a lovely time with our new friends from Hamburg, Brussels, and Berlin. Thanks for visiting us!

Representatives of the refugees from Oranienplatz in Berlin, the refugees from ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’, and the ‘sans papiers’ collectives from Brussels visited We Are Here in Amsterdam. Together they shared experiences about living in limbo in different European countries and set the first steps towards the realization of the ‘We Are Here Occupying the Border’ forum.

We’ve heard inspiring stories about the protest movements in different European cities. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the idea of an international forum and with a head full of ideas we look forward to continue developing the ‘We Are Here Occupying the Border’ forum together.

In early 2016 we’re planning new visits to Brussels, Hamburg and Berlin and meet even more members of the refugee collectives there.