Crowd funding Campaign for the Refugee Media Platform

The We Are Here Cooperation has started a Crowdfunding campaign to raise money for an independent media platform. During the month of April and the first half of May, the We Are Here Cooperation will engage in a lot of activities to get the amount of money needed to get the platform going: from selling goods on Kingsday and participating at a Foodmarket at De Hallen to handing out flyers on streets. The campaign has already raised more than 2000 euro’s and is hosted by the 1% Club Crowdfunding platform. Visit our campaign on the 1 % Club website, donate and share our campaign with your friends and family.

Refugee Media Platform

To be able to share their own stories and effectively spread their call for recognition and human rights the We Are Here Cooperation wants to set up an independent media platform for refugee collectives from different European countries, starting with collectives from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The platform will provide space for independent videos, a new vocabulary and photos that counter the imagery of refugees spread through the media. The aim is to strive for an open, nuanced, active and inspiring media platform that can reach a large audience and connect European refugee collectives with each other.