A Normal Dinner

Normal Dinner Copyright Coco Duivenvoorde_24

Photos Coco Duivenvoorde

The We Are Here Cooperative is working on a new theater play called ‘Normal Life’. Together with Katy Streek, We Are Here will develop and produce a theatrical piece about the pursuit of ‘a normal life’. It will take the audience on a journey through Amsterdam searching for a normal life while at the same time it investigates what it means to have a ‘normal life’. Why do some have it while others do not? What is normal about a normal life?

‘Normal Life’ relates closely to the We Are Here protest and their fight for a normal life. For years they’ve protested their position in the Netherlands by asking for recognition of their rights.

Although the script is still in progress, last Thursday (October 8) visitors of the Afrovibes Festival in Amsterdam could already get a literal taste of the new production during a theatrical dinner at the Compagnie Theater. During this ‘normal dinner’ three actors performed a couple of scenes from the play while the audience enjoyed a delicious Eritrean dinner.

This fall, the We Are Here Cooperative will launch a crowd funding campaign for the production of the full theater play. ‘Normal Life’ will premiere in January/February 2016.