Amsterdam City Rights

The Right to City. Building communities on humanitarian grounds.

Amsterdam City Rights is an independent think tank by and for undocumented people and refugees in limbo.

Amsterdam City Rights:
– identifies and monitors the difficulties around the position of undocumented people in the city, regarding ​​medical and social rights;
– lobbies for improvements, such as shelter;
– supports initiatives for and by undocumented migrants in the city;
– stands up for their human rights such as the right to shelter, education, self-development, in short: for the right to a decent life;
– challenges Amsterdam and its residents to develop initiatives that go beyond the boundaries of national regulations;
– emphasizes the strength of the city in the fight against inequality and exclusion with the aim for an inclusive society;
– analyzes, makes recommendations and develops the plans with partner organizations;
– is a collaboration of passionate people where it does not matter whether or not you have papers;
– collaborates with migrant (self)organizations, researchers, lawyers, artists, scientists, advocates and policy makers (with or without papers).  

The project plan and the concept development of Amsterdam City Rights will be further developed with the support of the Protestantse Diaconie Amsterdam, Keizersgrachtkerk Amsterdam, Stichting LOS and private funds.  

Anyone who wants to contribute; you are welcome! Mail to Amsterdam City Rights: for a talk or if you want to know more about the impact of the project.